Check out deviantart for a bunch of (mostly FFXI) updates.  I’ve been coloring artwork from my good art buddy Chihiro (, but there’s one original piece in it :)

But if you’re too lazy….

I’m also working on a project for Limit Break Radio, but that’s under embargo, so to say :) Time’s ticking though!

Special art shoutouts:

-Alvin Lee ( Alvin, thanks for the inspiration and revitalizing my artsy spirit. You’re amazing and I’ll do my best on the contest!

-Lilly (website): Glad to see you’re updating again. You’re awesome :o

-Mayshing (website): Thank you for the oppertunity to work for your animation project!

-Chihiro: One of the people to keep me sane and creative at work. Thanks for your badgering XD (and giving me something to do, too :p!)

Also. Twitter accounts: Personal, He Says She Says Production Twitter, FFXI Twitter

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