Har. Har. I know. Phoenix Wright. Sooo 2006. Screw you. I started this blog LAST WEEK, and I’m going to write about it because I like it.

And one character in particular.

Franziska Von Karma

Franziska von Karma. I hated her father. I adore her. Sure, she makes all cases a living hell, but it’s not about the gameplay right now. It’s about the character. Having only encountered her in the second case of PW2 so far, it’s pretty simplistic. “Revenge for father”blablablawhipcrackouch. But having encountered her in the game now, I came to a realization. I adore the bitch-characters in games. (Okay, so it’s not just about Franziska. But at least I have an excuse to make a banner with her in it.)

Case 1 of 3 – Franziska Von Karma

So she abuses everyone in court with the whip. And she’s spoiled rotten. And she thinks she’s perfect. Not objecting there, at all. (Oh, I’m so sleeping on the couch for that.) It’s just that the general attitude amuses me. Yeah, she pissed me off, but at least she could get away with being a brat. Ini Miney and April May pissed me off too, but that’s because I hate airheads. At least the dominant chicks still seem like they’re intelligent.

And she curtseys. Come on! That is SO CUTE.

Case 2. FFXI – Naja Salaheem. Spoilers ahead.

The first time you meet her in Aht Urhgan, she tricks you, the adventurer, into joining her mercernary company. And as such, she is now your surperior and this cat lady is power hungry. And she has a morning star. But she picks *you* to go on her missions. Sure. she takes advantage of you in so many ways, but this usually goes for all dominant female characters: underneath that bitchy exterior, they warm up to you.
Okay granted, all quests and missions are from YOUR perspective, but it’s the thought that counts. She’s really not that bad and I’ll gladly do missions for her.

Case 3 of 3: Work – My boss.


Case 3 of 3: Emma Frost.

She is without a doubt the biggest, coldest and meanest bitch in the X-men universe. And she’s leading the X-men. Sure, I liked Jean Grey too. But seriously. Ever since Emma Frost jumped into the picture, things actually got exciting. It’s what these kind of characters do! Spice things up! Maybe it’s because I used to watch “THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL” with my mom because it was the one show she claimed the TV for during dinner, but it’s totally what they do. They spice things up. And that keeps things interesting.

And to all those obnoxious forum members that think my fiancĂ©e is a bitch for locking your moronic posts, f*ck you. She’s doing her job and keeping stupid off the forum.

So why do I also like Princess Zelda, Rinoa..and Yuna?

Well, that’s a different story altogether.


Franziska von Karma images courtesy of Court-records.net
Naja Salaheem screenshot courtesy of myself~
Emma Frost image courtesy of emmafrostfiles.com

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