Tamtu's FFXI July 08 update!

Okay, since I do quite a lot of FFXI related things, I’ll break it up in a few parts. Game progress, FFXI fics and Limit Break Radio stuff!!

Game progress
I hit level 49 on White Mage. So so so close to level 50, only 3.2k EXP from it. Maybe we can level up to 51 this weekend while we’re at it, so I can finally use the Dark Staff I bought from the money earned from the “Treasure and Tribulations” BCNM20. I got really lucky the first time in picking the chest, which dropped an Astral Ring, which went for 160k on the Auction House. Woo. I spent that money so fast, mostly on spells and gear. Nikki hit 49 on Warrior as well, so as soon as we hit 50/51, we’ll go back to our subjobs. I have quite a few I want to level up, so we’ll see how it goes.

The other day, I went to do the Warp II scroll quest, which required me to walk really, really far, across Beaucedine Glacier and through Fei’Yin. The problem wasn’t the mobs. Sneak and Invisible FTW. It was the loooong trek. It must’ve taken me at least one hour to finish the quest. It was enough for me to attain Fame level 6 in Windurst, so I could finally start the last two tuning fork quests for Summoner’s Avatars. I think I’ll solo Summoner when I’m not levelling Black Mage with Nikki.

So I got Beastmaster up to level 10. Which, according to a guide on FFXIclopedia, should now be completely solo-able all the way through 75 with a White Mage sub. Now here’s the kicker. Because WHM has been my main job, I don’t have to worry about getting it to sublevel now! So many players haaate levelling White Mage. I enjoy it, but I really enjoy doing damage as well. I’ll try with Beastmaster. I really will try.

Thanks to Retsujo, I got my full RSE set! We spent a good hour and a half in Gusgen Mines getting keys and finding chests with the patterns. It’s my leisure gear for when I go out doing random stuff, which doesn’t put my squishy White Mage in any direct danger. I hope he can take me through the high level Avatar battles soon. Otherwise I’ll just see how fast I can get Summoner up to 20 to do the mini-avatar battles instead.

Plenty of stuff done, and plenty of stuff still to do! I do wish Jason, Erica and Kendra would come back to play some more. Laura hops on during her lunchbreak whenever she has to work, but I really wish we could like…party with her and Shannon some more. Oh well.

White Mage Power Ranger go!!!

White Mage Musings
General Najelith and TamTuI moved my fics from the FFXIClopedia blogs to a wordpress on the Hyozan domain. Galeserpent Guardian is coming to a close as I’m preparing to write the final chapters of the fic. I’ll be spicing things up regarding characterization and action. Including Sooraya and Nightbird made it a lot less TamJelith-ey, which is probably for the best in regards to my sleeping habits. Speaking of Najelith, I personally think Kate Beckinsale would be a great actress for Najelith. *purrrrrr*

Limit Break Radio
So I went from Limit Break Radio fan to Limit Break Radio Host! Not a permanent host, however. Back in May, Aniero asked if I would like to join the crew for the summer, as not all hosts would be able to make it to show recordings because of vaction, family stuff and whatnot. I graciously accepted the offer and so I’ve attended two recording sessions with Limit Break Radio already, which both have been released!

Being a mid-level player, I can’t really say I have expertise in a job. I don’t craft, either. So what could a noob like me possibly talk about?

Unlocking the extra jobs. Duh. I know that’s not really hard to do, but I loved questing in the game and as soon as I could, Nikki and I went to unlock all jobs in the game. Either way, it was a blast to record with Nate, Robbie, Mikey and the other guests.

Fast foward to June, where I sat down with Aniero, Kallo, Gamer and Aeredon to discuss the Dark Knight job. Another blast to be a part of, and an ongoing gag involving myself and couches. Also, something I’ve seemed to make an Limit Break Radio Exclusive are the FFXI parody songs I’ve created.

They’re all in the first post of this thread. Click.

-”Thnks Fr Th Mgc Spll”, a Blue Mage themed parody about learning Blue Magic. (Original: “Thnks Fr The Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy)
-”Buff Song”, a Bard themed parody about being bossed around by the party leader, sung by my wonderful, wondeful Nikki (Original: “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles)
-”In The End”, a Dark Knight themed parody about doing lots of damage. (Original: “In The End” by Linkin Park)
-”Pretty Fly For A White Mage”, a White mage themed parody about…well. White Mage. Duh. (Original: “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by The Offspring).

I’m usually kinda hesitant to post my singing, but these are parodies, so I don’t really care about it. XP

Check out my debut hosting in “Get a job, Newbie!!!” and the second round of TamTu “The Brutalsode” at LimitBreakRadio.com!

Next FFXI post, I hope to have some pretty awesome news.

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